QlikWorld Online 2020
On-Demand Virtual Forum
Attend QlikWorld Online now available on-demand to get you up to speed on all things data without leaving home. You’ll have a free front-row seat to every keynote, over 110 breakout sessions—including sessions for those just getting started with Qlik—and an interactive expo floor to see the latest product demos and innovations.
On-Demand Webinar
Discover how Augmented Intelligence extends the power of analytics to everyone in your organization – by using the latest AI capabilities to support human interactions with data.
2019 Data Success Stories
Customer & Webinar Series
Discover the secrets behind data-driven transformation with real-world examples from Qlik customers. Watch the webinar series now.
Live Webinar

Improving the Customer Journey with Process Mining

The agile process mining technology based on the Qlik® BI platform enables rapid ad hoc analysis of "click streams" to identify and eliminate bottlenecks and problems in the customer journey. Drag and drop functions make it easy to load data and create analyses. Our partner Mehrwerk show you how!

July 09, 2020
Webinar Series

Espresso Webinar Series - From Data Integration to Analytics in Action

These new webinars are strong, short, and with immediate effect – like an espresso. We don't want to bore you with frothed milk, we want to get straight to the point. Whether data integration, GeoAnalytics, Alerting, or AI - our experts explore a new topic each week - in 30 minutes. We will provide you with quick overviews, use cases & tips that you can implement when working with Qlik products; and because the webinar is live, you can ask questions if you need more information.

June 30, 2020 - September 15, 2020
On-Demand Virtual Event

Qlik Virtual User Group

The Qlik® Virtual User Group is a half-day online gathering of Qlik customers, technical experts and power users. Join for advanced sessions, customer stories, interactive demos and more

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On-Demand Webinar

The CXO’s Guide to Data-Driven Sustainability

Discover how today’s executives are using data to develop smart, effective strategies in the fight against climate change. Join distinguished experts from the United Nations and Qlik.

On-Demand Webinar

Introducing Attunity: Data Integration for Faster Time-to-Insight

With the acquisition of Attunity, Qlik® is now providing an end-to-end platform not only for analyzing your data but also for acquiring it, managing it, integrating it, and streaming it to your analytics solution.

On-Demand Webinar

2020 Data & BI Trends: Analytics Alone Is No Longer Enough

Discover the most important trends emerging in BI, including how DataOps, data literacy as a service, AI, and more will revolutionize the data ecosystem and fundamentally change how organizations work.

On-Demand Webinars

Top BI Trends of 2019

Discover the most important trends emerging in BI, including big changes to infrastructure, service delivery, performance, data literacy, and more.


Qlik Customer Spotlight: ForbiddenPlanet.com

Join us to hear ForbiddenPlanet.com’s story, as they share how Qlik® has enabled them to:

  • Quickly and effectively bring together a variety of data sources to create a highly customized management system
  • Dramatically improve reporting, with the data behind almost any query available within seconds
  • Run special sales events using inventory data to ensure the best customer experience possible

On-Demand Webinar

How Meritor® Is Using Qlik® to Manage Operations After COVID-19

Learn how Meritor, a global commercial vehicle components manufacturer, uses Qlik and the latest COVID-19 data to make real-time decisions that impact its entire supply chain. Register now.

Webinar Series

Qlik Insider: What's New in 2020?

Become a Qlik Insider and join us for a deep-dive discussion and tailored product demonstration on the newest capabilities delivered as part of Qlik's most recent product releases.

On-Demand Webinar

Leverage your QlikView Investment to Modernize your BI Experience

QlikView customers can learn how to leverage their investment through the Analytics Modernization Program to accelerate their adoption of next-generation BI at a low TCO.

On-Demand Webinar

Mastering Your Complete Data Journey in 2019

Trying to use analytics to gain competitive edge? The more users you empower to discover insights, the better. The challenge is getting everyone set up for success, no matter what their skill level or needs. In this webinar, you’ll get insights from IDC about the state of the data journey today, including key challenges with finding and preparing data. And you’ll hear from Qlik about our streamlined solution for managing that journey, from creating an enterprise-wide data catalog to enabling users to freely explore data in any direction.