One of the challenges IT faces in supplying actionable data to business users is the difficulty of adapting and environments to fast-changing business requirements. In order to more easily create, deploy, and maintain an environment, businesses are adopting a new breed of data warehouse automation software. A leader in data warehouse automation software innovation is Qlik (Attunity), whose technologies power enterprise data integration processes for thousands of businesses worldwide and half the Fortune 100.

Agile Data Warehousing with Qlik (Attunity) Data Warehouse Automation Software

Traditional data warehousing has been heavily dependent on significant manual programming, using a combination of data modeling, SQL, and ETL tools to design, build, and operate the system. In this environment, it has been common for data warehouse projects to lag behind schedule, and once a warehouse is finally in place it is often difficult and slow to respond to new business requirements, create new reports, and handle data source changes as business needs evolve.

Qlik Compose (formerly Attunity Compose) data warehouse automation software changes the game by empowering data architects and data warehouse teams to design, build, and operate the enterprise data warehouse—including generating ETL commands—without doing any manual coding. With a data warehouse automation solution in the hands of data architects and data warehouse teams, businesses can:

  • Launch new data warehouses and data marts much more quickly, both on premises and in the cloud
  • Update data warehouse models and add new data sources as needed, in response to fast-changing business requirements
  • Reduce the costs of creating and maintaining data warehouses and data marts

Qlik (Attunity) Data Warehouse Automation Software for Full Lifecycle DWH Automation

Qlik Compose (formerly Attunity Compose) data warehouse automation software simplifies DW design, creation and operations, and accelerates all phases of the data warehouse lifecycle. With Qlik (Attunity) data warehouse automation software, data architects and IT teams can:

  • Create data warehouse models in the Qlik Compose (formerly Attunity Compose) design studio or import industry-standard models including as Inmon, Kimball, and Data Vault
  • Implement model-driven data warehouse structures on-premises (on any major DWH platform such as Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, and Exadata) or in the cloud (on platforms including AWS Redshift and Azure SQL Data Warehouse)
  • Configure and execute data migration flows from nearly any type of source system to the data warehouse landing area (using Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) data integration software in tandem with Qlik Compose (formerly Attunity Compose) DHW automation software)
  • Auto-generate ETL code (including cloud ETL code for AWS Redshift ETL processing)
  • Run ETL jobs on-schedule or on-demand, and monitor those jobs in real time
  • Enable real-time data warehousing using Qlik (Attunity) native change data capture technology
  • Rapidly design, create, load, and maintain data marts
  • Deliver business value faster, with fewer resources, at less cost and with reduced project risk