Mainframe Integration with Big Data

Offload queries from the mainframe and enable analytics on your big data


Many of the world’s largest companies continue to run mission critical applications on mainframe systems. But analyzing this data by directly querying the mainframe can be complex and costly, with billing based on MIPS (millions of instructions per second.) To meet evolving business needs, enterprises are searching for new ways to integrate mainframe data into big data analytics platforms that include data warehouses and Hadoop.


Attunity Replicate® is an innovative software solution that accelerates mainframe data analytics with low-latency and low-impact data integration with data warehouses, Hadoop data lakes or Apache Kafka. This software solution enables continuous replication from different mainframe data sources without the need for any custom development.

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Real-time and large scale

With Attunity Replicate, enterprises gain benefits such as:

  • Real-time data capture for Apache Kafka: Attunity Replicate feeds live database changes to Kafka message brokers with low latency, helping enterprises to broadcast data streams, concurrently to multiple big data targets.
  • Large scale for data ingestion/streaming: Attunity Replicate scales to ingest data from many databases to many targets, providing centralized monitoring and management.
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Simple and universal

  • Support for many sources: Attunity Replicate is a single platform that supports many data sources on the mainframe including DB2 z/OS, IMS and VSAM (as well as many other databases across many platforms).
  • No manual coding: Attunity Replicate enables easy configuration through a wizard-based GUI.

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