All your people. All your data. Every insight imaginable.

A complete platform for discovery.

Qlik gives everyone in your workforce the power to make discoveries in your data – so you can transform your business and take the lead.

Democratized Data<

Democratized Data

Want all the value from your data? Give everyone on your workforce access to it. Other solutions don’t handle data integration, but Qlik is with you every step of the way. Our end-to-end strategy takes raw data from all corners of your enterprise and transforms it into analytics-ready information that everyone can explore.

We deliver up-to-date data – from any source and location – then ensure the data is clean, indexed, and well-organized, and finally empower data consumers to access and share the data they need without compromising security policies.

Augmented Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence

What’s even more powerful than Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence combined with human intuition. That’s Augmented Intelligence, and we use it to increase the data literacy of everyone in your workforce.

Building on our one-of-a-kind Associative Indexing technology, which maps all the relationships within your data, Qlik automatically finds and highlights insights for users to explore. We call it Associative Indexing (x) Augmented Intelligence = AI2. You call it exponentially more brainpower.

Embedded Everywhere

Embedded Everywhere

Driving competitive edge comes from making new discoveries in every area of your business. But that only works if analytics are everywhere, too.

Qlik extends analytics to wherever data can benefit your business. Whether it’s gathering insight from IoT and edge devices in your manufacturing plants, helping with sales forecasting, or providing visibility into operations, it helps you understand more of your organization – so you can drive the transformation that drives leadership.

There’s a new generation of BI – and it spreads analytics to every corner of your business. Find out how.

Go fast. Learn more.

Other solutions limit you to a question-and-response approach and show you only a slice of your data. Curious about what you’re missing? Start over. Need to pivot? Start over again. The waits are long, and frustration mounts.

Not with Qlik. Our unique Associative Engine associates every piece of your data with every other piece. So you can dive in and explore in any direction, making discoveries as you go. No queries – and no waiting – required.

Data literacy for all

Data literacy for all.

The truth is, most people are uncomfortable with data – reading it, working with it, analyzing it, and arguing with it. But a data literate workforce is exactly what your business needs to move fast, make change, and lead in your industry.

At Qlik, data literacy is a number-one priority. We help you achieve it through our products, which make analytics accessible to all users, and our services, which include free educational programs.

'Business is changing so rapidly that the questions that you're asking from one day to the next are very different, and Qlik is able to deal with that challenge.'

Frank Kozurek, Director of Business Intelligence, National Express

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