Data Warehousing Accelerated: Modernizing Your Legacy Infrastructure

For years, data architects and ETL developers have employed a variety of traditional ETL (extract-transform-load) tools as they design, build, manage and update their data warehouses. All too often these tools create manual coding bottlenecks. As a result, the data warehouse takes too long to deliver, cost too much to build and maintain, and cannot keep pace with changing business requirements.

Qlik Compose™ (formerly Attunity Compose) is a data warehouse automation solution for designing, building, deploying, and operating more agile and responsive data warehouses, data marts or data hubs. By automating the manually-coded, time-consuming, and error-prone repetitive tasks, Qlik Compose will accelerate your DW project, reduce resource requirements and reduce risk.

Qlik Compose delivers these benefits to both on-premises and cloud environments.